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A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson

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In “A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson”, Clay Jenkinson brings "TJ" to life in inspiring form and John Williams pulls out of him the quoted truths of the past and their implications today. That is, John gets Jefferson to talk. And our audiences listen, laugh, cry and get to ask questions, too. These shows are unlike anything you've seen before: live, unscripted, spontaneous discussions with a Thomas Jefferson who makes you...believe.

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Why Jefferson?

It's been said that, "We hold these truths to be self-evident," and the 28 words that follow, are the 35 most important words in American history. Maybe in world history. The man who wrote them, Thomas Jefferson, is arguably as relevant today as he was some 230 years ago. Think about it. So many issues today sink their roots into two two-century old documents. The Declaration of Independence announced our intent to live as a free and separate people and The Constitution described how we might go about it.

And still our guiding light is Jefferson. Church and state. Race and civil rights. The electoral college and the way we choose our president. The right to bear arms, the freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness. It's all front page stuff in 2007. It was front page in 1777.

Which has to make you wonder - what would the founding fathers say about things today? What would Jefferson make of our taxes, the press, gun control, the war in Iraq, our love of sports and the internet? Certainly, the only way to find out is to ask him. Which is precisely what we do.

- John Williams

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