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America: 200 Years Later
John asks President Jefferson how we are doing with the the founding fatherís vision of our country.

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Good Day Citizen! Welcome to the digital domain of our truly revolutionary series of shows. "A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson" is an event you will want to see. The premise is simple: 200 years later, what would the man who wrote our Declaration of Independence say about how we are running things in America today? What would Jefferson say about our wars, race relations, taxation, health care, educational system. What would he think of our obsession with celebrity and sports? Would he be surprised that so few vote in our elections? Award-winning radio commentator John Williams serves as our guide as President Jefferson comes to life on stage. He will prod Jefferson on all issues from 1776 to 2007. And you, the audience member, will get to ask Jefferson your own questions. Entertaining, informative, humorous, and meaningful, no two shows are the same.

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In the meantime, please enjoy these videos from our recent show in St. Charles, Illinois.

The Book

Get a sneak peak at the upcoming book, Letters to Thomas Jefferson.

The man behind Jefferson

Meet the Man who makes him come to life.

Why Jefferson?

John Williams explains why bringing Jefferson's thoughts to modern life is relevant.

Thomas Jefferson Tour 2007-2008

Catch "A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson" in a town near you.

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